Lotta Nieminen | Beautified


Branding and interface design
for a beauty booking app.

Lotta Nieminen | Lula

Lula Website

Website redesign for UK-based
fashion magazine Lula.

Lotta Nieminen | Loeffler Randall SS13

Loeffler Randall

Art direction and photography for
New York based footwear company.

KI Kinnunen Book / Lotta Nieminen

Faraday Suit

Book design for fashion
designer KI Kinnunen.

Maeven / Lotta Nieminen


Identity for Brooklyn-based
vintage clothing online store.

Jennifer Behr

Jennifer Behr

Brand book design for luxury hair
accessory designer Jennifer Behr.

Selected subscriber covers
Hand lettering Lotta Nieminen

Photography Marko Rantanen


Redesign for Finnish monthly
fashion magazine Trendi.

Anne Mette Fisker Langkjer / Lotta Nieminen

Anne Mette Fisker Langkjer

Identity and packaging for
a limited edition of scarves.



Identity and web layout
for styling website Feyt.

Arttu / Lotta Nieminen


Layout for the University of Art
and Design Helsinki’s magazine.

KI Kinnunen / Lotta Nieminen

KI Kinnunen

Visual identity for fashion
designer KI Kinnunen.

Anna Mun Olla / Lotta Nieminen

Anna Mun Olla

Exhibition identity for the
Annantalo Culture Center.

Year 1 to 4 / Lotta Nieminen

Years 1 to 4

Visual identity and layout
for written thesis.

Tuli&Savu / Lotta Nieminen


Layout for the anniversary issue
of poetry magazine Tuli&Savu.